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   Welcome to the Molecular Phylogeny class!

1. Check this out

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2. About mid-term exam and final exam.

This is a molecular phylogenetics class lactured in English. Therefore, you'd better to answer for the questions in English, if it is possible.  You may use Korean. However, if you write answers in English, you will get additional points.  Remember. Important thing is your understanding instead of your English! For your study, please check mid-term exam in 2014. I uploaded it on this site (see below)

Note: the schedule of mid-term exam is changed because of my field trip to Kunming.

Mid-term exam: April 13, 2015. PM 3:00 (B648)


3.  Colloquium announcement

       Poster   related paper

4. Interesting article about PCR identification


5. The first assignment

   Answer for the REVIEW QUESTIONS in the following book chapter

          C.f. : P l a n t  S y s t e m a t i c s  C h a p 1 4 .  M o l e c u l a r  P h y l o g e n y

Due date: May 11

6. Submit Personal Lab Folder

  Print out all molecular lab protocols and make a file with results of experiments.

  Due date: June 5

  I'll returen it to you at the day of final exam.

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1) ⸻縦 ϸ鼭 "" ͵ ٽѹ 캸, personal lab folder ìܺ Ͽϴ. ٽ 鿩 ֱ մϴ. ͵  6 5 18:00 ڰнǾ tray ϸ ϰ 6 8 15:00 ⸻ ð 帮 ϰڽϴ.

2) ⸻ chap 6 ppt bootstrapping Դϴ.

3) ⸻ ߰ ˴ϴ. ⸻ ߰ մϴ. ߰ ״ ̴ ߰繮 𸣴 ݵ Ȯϱ ٶϴ.

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Announcement OLD



      Week 1 (3.2) Course introduction

            INTRODUCTION   Amborella story

     Week2 (3.9) The book Classification  

          "Classification"  BOOK

     Week3 (3.16) Campbell General Biology Chap 26.  

           BOOK chapter    PPT down    CLASSIFICATION MOVIE    

     Week 4 (3.23) The archaeology of the genome, Trees (chap. 1 and 2)

          Chap 1 PPT   Chap 2 PPT The archaeology of the genome, Trees (chap. 1 and 2)

     Week 5 (3.30) Genes: organization, function and evolution (chap 3.)

          Chap 3 PPT

     Week 6 (4.6) (Lab.) Lab basics and DNA extraction  

           Lab basics PPT

           DNA extraction @ general biology lab: CTAB method PPT

           DNA extraction 1)  CTAB DNA extraction protocol I (Doyle and Doyle) (Sangtae Kim)  

                               2)  GeneAll DNA extraction Kit (Commercial Kit)  Short version <-- our experiment

                               3)  FTA Card protocol   

                                Relative intensity test     Result sheet of DNA extraction and quantification  

                                                        An example of EXTRACTION RESULT    2013-EXTRACTION RESULT

     Week 8 (4.13) Mid-term exam.  2014 mid-term exam    

     Week7 (4.20) (Lab.) PCR, DNA sequencing, and cloning

           PCR and purification PPT 

           Sequencing process, PCR condition, Primer information

           Taq polymerase information sheet

           PCR record form

           2002: Result of extraction and PCR  

     Week 9 (4.27) (Lab.) – DNA sequencing, RFLP, CAPS, RAPD

           2015-Result of Extraction and CAPS

           RFLP, CAPS, RAPD, ISSR, and AFLP PPT  

          CAPS protocol     Endonuclease information sheet

           PCR product purification protocol

           CAPS result (2015)  

     Week 10 (5.4)  Sequencing

      Sequencing PPT  

                 Your Sequencing Result (2015)      Your Sequencing Result (2014)


     Week 11 (5.11)  

         C.f. : P l a n t  S y s t e m a t i c s  C h a p 1 4 .  M o l e c u l a r  P h y l o g e n y

     Week 12 (5.18)   Measuring genetic change (chap 5)

           Chap 5. PPT  

     Week 13 (5.25)   Budda's day  OFF

     Week 14 (6.1) Inferring molecular phylogeny (chap 6)

         Chap. 6. PPT      R a d f o r d  et al Book Chapter

         Paper: Kim et al. 2001

     Week 15 (6.8) Final exam.