2011.  Molecular Phylogetics Homepage

Schedule (original)



Sep. 2. Course introduction

Sep. 9 The archaeology of the genome, Trees (chap. 1 and 2)  Chap 1 PPT    UPDATED

Sep. 16  "Classification"   BOOK

Sep. 23  Campbell General Biology Chap 26.  BOOK chapter  PPT downUPDATED

Sep. 30  Genes: organization, function and evolution (chap 3.) Chap 2 PPT  UPDATED

Oct. 7. Off our class: University applicants exxamination day

Oct. 14.  From DNA to Genome   Chap 3-1 PPT      Chap. 3 -2 PPT UPDATED

Oct. 21 Mid-term Exam       Mid-term exam "problems download"  NEW     

Oct. 28 Molecular Phylogeny Lab. 1. Lab basics and DNA extraction

            Lab basics PPT    UPDATED

           DNA extraction @ general biology lab: CTAB method

           DNA extraction  CTAB DNA extraction protocol I (Doyle and Doyle)  

                                        CTAB DNA extraction protocol II (Sangtae Kim)

                                        GeneAll DNA extraction Kit (Commercial Kit) 

                                        FTA Card

Nov. 4. Molecular Phylogeny Lab. 2.  PCR, sequencing, and cloning

           Sequencing process-PCR condition UPDATED

           PCR and sequencing PPT

           PCR record form

           Primer sites for the target DNA regions (matK, ITS)

           OUR RESULT

Nov. 11.   Methodology: RFLP, RAPD, CAPS, AFLP, DNA sequencing, genome sequencing

           DNA purification protocol

           TA cloning protocol           

           TOPO TA colning kit protocol

Nov. 18.  Measuring genetic change I (chap 5) GenBank, Alignment

           Chap 5. PPT    UPDATED

Nov. 25.  continue

           RFLP and RAPD NEW  

          Sequencher Program

Dec. 2. Inferring molecular phylogenyI  (chap 6)

           Chap. 6. PPT UPDATED     Radford et al Book Chapter

          Phylogeny reconstruction using MEGA and PHYLIP programs

          MEGA program   MP sample data


        Paper: Kim et al. 2001